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1999 *Built in the U.S.A* 2024


Build your hot rod with the unbelievable authenticity of a New Age Motorsports fiberglass body! With accurate original features such as driprails, beadlines, and reveals, hot rodders at any experience level will think you're the proud owner of an original deuce. Ruggedly built, these bodies will take chassis-twisting torque with ease, and can be trusted to last for generations. Deuce roadster and coupe bodies come equipped with a 1.5 inch round tube internal structure to support hinges and latches for the life of the car. Poplar hardwood is used as a solid base for easy upholstery attachment. N.A.M. offers no shortage of available "Bell's and Whistle's" to compliment the body's substantial constructive qualities. Our bodies are easily tailored to meet the styling demands of the most particular rodder, or to replicate the "American Graffiti" coupe to the greatest possible extent. With a broad selection of original and modern day options available, the New Age Motorsports body is by far the most detailed, solidly built, easily finished body on the market today. We also offer an equally impressive Rolling Chassis, which can be built to any specification, and as always can be trusted to remain solid for generations to come. Here at N.A.M. we have a wide variety of available parts to complete and compliment your dream build. If your looking to build Milner's Coupe, you've found the right place! We can build the basic "tribute" car with the Graffiti look and up to date components for complete comfort and streetability. We can also build the perfect replica, with all of the hard to find parts to ensure you're the star of the show with the most accurate Graffiti Coupe. Here at New Age Motorsports, quality and flexibility are of utmost importance. With hundreds of satisfied customers, you can rest assured you're getting the very best of what the Street Rodding Industry has to offer!


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Deuce Coupe by Myron Griffin

N.A.M Body


Deuce Coupe by Steve Parks

N.A.M Body



Millo's American Graffiti Coupe

Turn Key Build


Full Fendered Deuce Coupe

Turn-Key, Full Fendered Build


Mickey's Deuce Coupe


Greg's Deuce Coupe

Graffiti Tribute, Turn Key Build


Myron Griffin's Deuce Roadster

N.A.M Roadster 


The Gorman Family Coupe

N.A.M Body, Custom Chassis
Built around 521 Ford/C6 Combo


Don Sauberan's Deuce Coupe

Our good friend, Kurt Baumann's 40 Ford Coupe

Built by Kurt, Himself, much like the coupe from Hollywood Knights.


MSD Atomic Deuce

N.A.M Body for MSD Electronics

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N.A.M Build


John's Deuce Coupe, Clear Gelcoat 


Ronnie Roadster's Rear Engine Modified Roadster

Flathead Power, N.A.M 27 Body, 180+ MPH

Video - From behind the Wheel

Fritz Watson from California

Replica of the "Life of Riley" Roadster


Thom Kuzilla's Deuce Coupe

2014 Detroit Autorama


New Age Motorsports & Hot Rods LLC

New office/mailing address:  5 Woodlawn Rd, Monroe, CT, 06468

Phone: 203-268-1999

Email communication is sometimes preferable because we're often away from the phone while working.

New Age Motorsports and Hot Rods LLC

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