Daryl's Graffiti Coupe

Thought you guys might appreciate this picture. First car show after finishing one of your kits that I bought from a guy in Danville ,Va, 90% finished .  Best Rod on the beach at last years Spring Show in Ocean City Maryland. The deeper I dug into this project as I partially disassembled it and rebuilt it the more I was impressed with the high quality of your body and chassis.  Nicely done New Age Motorsports.  Thanks for making this guys dream car come true.



I can't find the info of the guy I bought the car from , all I know is he owns a body shop in Danville Va, It's a funny story really, I had been nostalgia racing for several years with my Yellow steel model A graffiti clone and my wife's black 55 chevy clone . We would go and reenact the graffiti race scene at nostalgia races.My wife got tired of always having to lose in her 55 chevy and wanted to stop.  I put both cars on hot rod hot line and my model a sold right away. The 55 lingered for a few months until this guy from Danville called and said he had just built a graffiti coupe and wanted to trade for my 55 chevy. We went round and round for a few more months until he trailered the car three hours to my house.  As soon as he rolled that Newage motor sports car out of the trailer I know it was a done deal . Since then I have absolutely fallen in love with this car and now I've caught graffiti fever again and am looking for another black 55 to go with it.
The 32 you guys make is without a doubt the finest quality fiberglass car I've ever seen and driven, I am blown away by the quality of it all . I had to partially dissemble it just to see how well it was put together . Here's some more pics of the cars I sold and the one I now have and love ! I don't ever want another steel car again !


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