Graffiti Style Alternator Mounting

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Pictures above demonstrate installation with a Speedway Hurst Style Mount.

The alternator is an early '70's AC Delco Alternator.  The top alternator arm is actually a 1957 Chevy generator adjustment arm(Original Graffiti Coupe), stamped with the number 3704884.  There are two versions of this adjustment arm:  one has the numbers stamped upright, and the other has the numbers stamped upside down.  To match Milner's you need to have the arm with the numbers stamped upside down.

Original Coupe Used Angle Iron off the Intake Manifold's front Driver Side bolt to mount upper adjustable alternator arm.  In the pictures above, a bracket was fabricated to attach to the water pump bolt, keeping the manifold clean.

The lower rear brace is a lower alternator bracket from a '69-'74 big block Chevy.

The lower front brace is potentially a '70-'74 454 upper alternator brace.  It may need to be fabricated from 1/4" or heavier Strap Steel.

In the above pictures a few washers were needed to align the alternator to the pulleys properly.  Individual results may vary.

Pictured below is an original Hurst Mount.  The gusset's are placed further in, allowing use of the bolthole to the far inside of the rear mounting bracket.



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